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Guthlee Ladoo [2023] Movie Download
Guthlee Ladoo [2023] Movie

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Guthlee Ladoo is a 2023 Hindi-language Indian drama film directed by Ishrat R. Khan and produced by UV Films. It is written by Srinivas Abrol, Ganesh Pandit, and Ishrat R. Khan. The film stars Dhanay Seth, Heet Sharma, Subrat Datta, Kalyanee Mulay, Arif Shahdoli, and Sanjay Mishra. It follows the story of a young boy named Guthlee who dreams of going to school, but is denied admission due to his caste.

Guthlee is a bright and inquisitive boy who lives in a small village in India. He is fascinated by the world around him and dreams of going to school to learn more. However, Guthlee is born into a lower caste, and the village school is only open to children from higher castes.

Despite the obstacles, Guthlee is determined to get an education. He sneaks into the school and listens to the lessons from outside the classroom window. He also begins to teach himself how to read and write.

Guthlee's determination impresses the school's headmaster, Harishankar (Sanjay Mishra). Harishankar is a kind and compassionate man who believes that all children deserve an education, regardless of their caste. He begins to偷偷地教Guthlee how to read and write.

However, not everyone in the village is supportive of Guthlee's education. The village's trustee, Chaube (Arif Shahdoli), is a powerful and prejudiced man who believes that lower caste children should not be educated. He threatens to expel Harishankar from the school if he continues to teach Guthlee.

Despite the threats, Harishankar refuses to give up on Guthlee. He believes that education is the key to a better future for all children, regardless of their caste.


Guthlee Ladoo explores a number of themes, including:

  • Caste discrimination: The film is a powerful indictment of caste discrimination. It shows how caste discrimination can deny children the opportunity to get an education and reach their full potential.
  • The importance of education: The film also highlights the importance of education. It shows how education can help children to overcome prejudice and discrimination.
  • The power of determination: The film is also a story about the power of determination. Guthlee is determined to get an education, even though he faces many obstacles. His determination is an inspiration to others.

Critical reception

Guthlee Ladoo received positive reviews from critics. Praise was given to the film's performances, direction, and screenplay.

  • The Indian Express wrote: "Guthlee Ladoo is a powerful and moving film that will stay with you long after you have seen it."
  • Filmfare wrote: "Guthlee Ladoo is a must-see film for anyone who cares about social justice."
  • NDTV wrote: "Guthlee Ladoo is a well-made and important film that deserves to be seen by a wide audience."


Guthlee Ladoo is a well-made and important film that tells a powerful story about the importance of education and the fight against caste discrimination. The film is sure to resonate with audiences who are interested in social justice issues.

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